Ukraine: A People’s Peace, not an Imperial Peace

Editors’ Note: The declaration below was presented on June 4 by the above organisations for international endorsement from the perspective of the self-determination of Ukraine and a just peace within a Europe based on solidarity and ecology.

‘A Collective Voice must be raised for Plantation Workers’ by Ceylon Workers Red Flag Union

“This Tribunal is horrified and shocked by the stark realities of the lives of tea and rubber plantation workers. It has shocked the conscience of the members of the Tribunal that such practices could continue unabated in the modern civilised world.

Authoritarian populism in the Global South by Alf Gunvald Nilsen

During the 2010s, many states across the global South turned decisively to the right. Foreshadowed by the rise of Recep Erdogan in Turkey in the early 2000s, a wave of authoritarian populism swept political figures like Mahinda Rajapaksa, Jair Bolsonaro…

Performance in a Time of Terror: A Conversation with Dr Ranjini Obeyesekere by Kanchuka Dharmasiri

In 2021, Dr Ranjini Obeyesekere published her English translation of five Sinhala plays from the 1980s and 1990s titled Performance in a Time of Terror, to accompany an earlier book…

A Hierarchy of Grief and the Politics of Mourning: Reflecting on Sri Lanka in the shadow of Palestine

On 18 May, Sri Lanka marked the 15th anniversary of the end of war. In 2009, many Sinhala people in the South took to the streets to spontaneously celebrate what they imagined as a new beginning for Sri Lankaa rebirth that could forget the past. The birth of Israel on 14th May 1948 was…

Polity is a left magazine published by the Social Scientists’ Association (SSA) since 2003. We aim to advance democratic consciousness, gender equality, state reform, and social justice in Sri Lanka, while interested in South Asia and the World. Like its predecessor Pravada (1991-2002) we publish on politics, political economy, history, women, ethnicity, sexualities, religion, labour studies, agrarian relations, nationalisms, violence, environment, and much more…

Social Scientists’ Association

The Social Scientists’ Association (SSA) is an organization working to investigate the way in which social change is contouring the multiple realities faced by communities in Sri Lanka and South Asia. The SSA is deeply committed to promoting a culture of knowledge production that informs and undergirds interventions aimed at achieving social emancipation for marginalized communities.

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